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When: June 10, 2020

Where: Anywhere you are! 

Who: James Wang, Next Generation & AI Analyst, ARK Invest

In the second episode of the Emerge ARK ETF Innovation Series we sat down (virtually) with James Wang, Analyst, ARK Invest to discuss Next Generation Internet. 

Next Generation Episode Highlights: 

  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Computer software that is able to improve and learn on it’s own
  • Streaming services could grow 35% at an annual rate from an estimated $86 B in 2019 to roughly $390 B in 2024
  • James’ biggest takeaway for investors: “If investing in the internet is the best thing you could’ve done in the past 20 years… then investing in deep learning has the potential to capture the next wave of creativity. So there is going to be a change in valuation”


James Wang, Analyst, ARK Invest 

James joined ARK in April 2015. As an Analyst for ARK’s Next Generation Internet strategy, James focuses on AI and the next wave of the internet.

Prior to ARK, James worked for nine years at NVIDIA where he helped launch GeForce Experience, a PC gaming application with over 80 million users. He founded and edited, NVIDIA’s gaming portal with over 15 million visitors. He has written about the technology industry since 2000 for various magazines and publications. James graduated from the University of New South Wales with Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Engineering.

He has appeared on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, WSJ, CNNMoney, Barrons, Quartz, EETimes. In 2018 and 2019, James was a featured speaker at CogX, one of the largest AI events in the world.

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