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Investment Objectives

EAFT is an actively managed exchange-traded fund (ETF) that seeks to achieve long-term growth of capital by investing primarily, under normal circumstances, in the global equity securities of companies that are, or are expected to be, focused on financial technology (fintech) innovation, including the shift of the financials sector and economic transactions towards payment infrastructure platforms and technically enabled web-based intermediaries.

Our Sub-Advisor

How does our sub-advisory relationship work? ARK Invest provides world-class innovation research and trading experience in technology. ARK provides daily investment recommendations for each of our 6 Emerge ARK ETFs.

Profile of an Innovator : Portfolio Manager

Catherine Wood founded ARK Investment Management in 2014. She spent the previous 12 years at Alliance Bernstein as Chief Investment Officer of Global Thematic Strategies that had over US$5 billion in assets under management. Before AllianceBernstein, she worked for 18 years with Jennison Associates as Chief Economist, Equity Research Analyst, Portfolio Manager and Director. Catherine started her career in Los Angeles at the Capital Group as an Assistant Economist.

Why Invest?

Exposure to Innovation: Aims for thematic multi-capitalization exposure to fintech innovations, including: mobile payments, digital wallets, peer-to-peer lending and risk transformation.

Growth Potential: Aims to capture long-term growth with low correlation of relative returns to traditional growth strategies and negative correlation to value strategies.

Tool for Diversification: Active stock selection results in little overlap with traditional indices. EAFT can be a complement to traditional value/growth strategies.

Grounded in Research: Combines top-down and bottom-up research in its portfolio management to identify innovative companies and convergence across markets.

Cost Effective: Provides a lower-cost alternative to mutual funds with true active management in an ETF that invests in rapidly moving themes.

Top 10 Holdings

As at July 31st, 2023

Shopify Inc.10.0%
Block, Inc.9.4%
Coinbase Global, Inc.9.0%
DraftKings Inc.6.7%
UiPath, Inc.5.4%
Twilio Inc.5.2%
Robinhood Markets, Inc.5.0%
Global-E Online LTD4.5%
Adyen NV4.1%
MercadoLibre, Inc.3.9%
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Fund Facts

EAFT NAV (As at December 15, 2023): $7.61
EAFT.U NAV (As at December 15, 2023): $5.69

EAFT AUM (As at December 15, 2023): $ 4,908,802

EAFT.U AUM (As at December 15, 2023): $ 313,043

CUSIP CAD Series: 29104M105
CUSIP USD Series: 29104M204
EXCHANGE: NEO Stock Exchange
SUB-ADVISORS: ARK Investment Management LLC

Management Fee:0.80%

*as expected for 2023, please reference emergecm.ca for information regarding the MER for each ETF.

Fund Characteristics

As at July 31st, 2023

  • Americas 83.1%
  • Middle East 4.5%
  • Europe 4.1%
  • Africa 3.6%
  • Asia 3.1%
  • United Kingdom 0.0%
Sector Allocation

As at July 31st, 2023

  • Information Technology 60.7%
  • Financials 17.7%
  • Consumer Discretionary 11.0%
  • Communication Services 6.4%
  • Health Care 2.7%

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