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Over her 30 years in the industry, Lisa Lake Langley, CEO & President of Emerge Canada (Emerge), has always been involved in the creation of new investment strategies, products, platforms, sales forces, and the building of stories.

Lisa was primed to be the founder of a company like Emerge since she was child. Her father was an advisor, and Lisa saw first-hand the value of a strong strategy and the value delivering and making this strategy available to clients.

Unfortunately, most advisors today do not have access to elite managers. Lisa is seeking to change this in the separate account and exchange-traded fund spaces. She is delivering elite managers that outperform on global scale to professional advisers and institutions.

Emerge thrives on seeing the small, emerging and talented investment managers that dare to market their strategies in the face of a challenging environment.

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Our Vision:

To be recognized for empowering high calibre investment managers by providing both guidance and distribution expertise, while building shelf space for this industry segment globally.

Our Mission:

Emerge is comprised of experts focused on opening new doors for high-calibre managers who meet our stringent standards.

Our Guiding Principles:

We stand for managerial excellence, disciplined investment processes, proven track records of success, clean compliance and an impeccable regulatory record. Whether it’s for the investment managers we support or for our valued distribution relationships, you can be confident that Emerge will strictly adhere to all compliance and regulatory standards.